Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Love" to Get Some Pets Leveled?

Are you a hunter? Are you Alliance? Are you an Engineer? Is "Love is in the Air" going on? Got some pets that you've been procrastinating leveling? If so I've got a deal for you!

I had been grinding the earth elemental in the starting area of Mt. Hyjal go get my bracelets. After doing that for a while I decided to hit wowhead and look for some mobs I could possibly 'skin' on my engineer.

I found the Diamond-Blade Shredders in Twilight Highlands fit the bill perfectly. Now I can get charms, get my pet leveled and also get the chance to skin Electrified Ether and Handful of Obsidium Bolts as well.

This might be my new favorite place to level pets until "Love.." is over. I have quite a few pets that need some love.

PS, Dont Forget your Loot-A-Rang!